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What Do We Do???

Below you will find our daily schedule and a listing of some of the special activities that we do throughout the school year.  We have a different theme that we work around each month, so we incorporate as much Science, Music and Art as we can  while exploring our theme of the month.

Our Daily Schedule                      We Have Tons of Fun!
8:30/12:00  Circle Time                                                                    Weekly Show and Tell
8:45/12:15     Work/Play Time                                                           Lots and Lots of Art
10:00/1:30  Clean Up                                                                         Field Trips
10:05/1:35  Quiet Reading Time                                                         Parties for the Holidays
10:15/1:45  Snack                                                                             Cooking Projects
10:30/2:00   Group Games                                                                 Science Projects
10:45/2:15   Get Ready to Go Home                                                   Writing
11:05/2:35   Story/Music Time                                                         Individualized Learning Time
11:30/3:00   School is Over!!                                                             New Friends!!!            
Outside Play
Unfortunately, our Wasilla classroom does not have an Outside Play Area.  We wish there were some way to connect one to our classroom space but it just isn’t feasible.  We do step outside from time to time to blow bubbles, have picnics, do chalk drawings, etc. But we do not have a designated play yard.
The good news is that you don’t have to haul in snow gear every day and we have lots of extra time to focus on learning!  We also do lots of active movement games and activities to get all of the wiggles out!

Themes for the 2017-18 School Year
August -  New Friends / Back to School                       January  -  Transportation
September - Fall / Five Senses                                   February - Valentine’s Day/Bears
October  -  Halloween/Creepy Crawlies                       March  - Dr. Seuss Month
November  - Thanksgiving /Fairy Tales                       April  -  Spring / Flowers /Insects /Easter
December  -  Holiday Celebrations                              May  -  Bike Safety/Summer Safety